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At its 43rd regular session, OAS General Assembly approves creation of hemispheric cooperation mechanism to improve public management

  June 6, 2013

At its 43rd regular session, the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), in Antigua, Guatemala, adopted the resolution “Effective Public Management Strengthening and Innovation Initiative in the Americas,” which establishes a hemispheric cooperation mechanism for effective public management to strengthen public administrations in OAS member states.

This mechanism stems from the recognition that effective public administration is essential for political legitimacy, allowing citizens to participate in democracy, and is intended to promote dialogue, mutual learning, and technical cooperation among public agencies in different aspects of public administration, such as e-government, policy planning and evaluation, decentralization and local government, quality of services, among others.

The OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, welcomed the Assembly's decision, saying "the principal task of the OAS is to promote the development of a region in which democracy is the generally established form of government--not only electoral democracy but also governments that govern democratically for the well-being of their citizens."

The mechanism is intended to strengthen democratic governance in countries of the region, supporting member states in making their state apparatus capable of serving citizens and responding to their needs in a transparent, efficient, effective, and sustainable manner.

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Reference: E-231/13