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OAS Delegation Accompanying Grenada's Referendum Notes Lower Turn Out

  November 25, 2016

The electoral delegation of the Organization of American States (OAS) accompanying the November 24, 2016 Referendum on Constitutional Reform in Grenada acknowledges the efforts of the authorities and various stakeholders in advancing the process of constitutional reform.

The delegation, led by Senior Advisor at the OAS Secretariat for the Strengthening of Democracy Paul Spencer, further commends the Parliamentary Electoral Office for the professional conduct of the poll and welcomes the peaceful manner in which the people of Grenada exercised their right. Nonetheless, the delegation noticed that voter participation and interest remained low, and that preliminary results indicate that none of the proposed reforms were approved.

The OAS electoral delegation would like to thank the Government of Grenada for inviting the OAS and for its support in enabling the Delegation to carry out its task. The delegation also wishes to thank the governments of Korea, Mexico, Spain and the United States for their financial contribution that made possible the dispatch of this Delegation to Grenada.

Reference: E-227/16