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OAS Secretary General Calls for Safeguarding of Dialogue and Understanding in Paraguay

  June 21, 2012

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, has been made aware of the decision of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay to begin impeachment proceedings against the President of the Republic, and the decision of President Lugo to “submit himself to it, with all of its consequences.”

While conscious of the avowed commitment of all parties to be strictly guided by the Constitution and its laws, the Secretary General declared his concern that “dialogue, understanding and internal peace be safeguarded at all times in this OAS Member State.”

“The countries of the region have made substantial progress in recent years in terms of respect for the norms of coexistence that should govern the democratic process and in forging institutional stability, both essential conditions for their development,” said the chief representative of the hemispheric organization.

In this context, the Secretary General expressed his hope that “the political process that is unfolding continues its path within the framework of the Constitution and the law, with full respect for the rights of all involved, and leads to a result that guarantees stability and democratic continuity in the Republic of Paraguay.”

The OAS will continue to follow closely the development of events and reiterates its willingness to collaborate if necessary.

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Reference: E-223/12