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  November 6, 2002

Permanent Council members of the Organization of American States (OAS) today urged all the key players in Haiti to move urgently to form the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), as mandated in OAS Resolution 822.

The call followed an oral report to the Permanent Council by OAS Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, who said that "the best thing Haiti could do over the coming months is to implement resolution 822, and through fair and honest elections in 2003 put the country on track for renewed development, democracy and celebration of its 200th anniversary."

In his report, the Assistant Secretary General reported on reparations to victims of the December 17, 2001 violence, human rights, security, the role of the international financial institutions. He also called for greater support for OAS technical assistance through the Special Mission in Haiti.

United States Ambassador to the OAS, Roger Noriega, stressed his government's continued concern over Haiti and called the "record of the Haitian Government in complying with its commitments under Resolution 822 discouraging." He expressed disappointment that the CEP has not been formed, but asserted that "As long as all parties are committed to the goal of free and fair elections and as long as progress is being made along these lines in forming the CEP, we should be willing to accept a short delay agreed to by all sides." He called on all Haitian political parties and civil society to fulfill their commitments under Resolution 822 and to form a neutral, credible and independent CEP as quickly as possible as a first step towards free and fair elections.

Guyana's Ambassador, Odeen Ishmael explained initiatives bythe Caribbean Community (CARICOM) , which his President now chairs and stressed that Resolution 822 required simultaneous movements by all parties in Haiti and in the international community. Canada, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago were among other delegations that commented after Einaudi's report.

Haiti's Permanent Representative, Ambassador Raymond Valcin, thanked the OAS for its continued support to his country and reaffirmed his Government’s commitment to meet its obligations despite financial and other constraints.

Reference: E-222/02