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OAS Assistant Secretary General Urges Measures to Fight Poverty, Inequality

  June 18, 2012

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin, has urged leaders gathered at the Rio plus 20 meeting in Brazil to review positions and policies which are not working in the interests of their peoples, and move to implement new ideas which yield results.

Ambassador Ramdin, who traveled to Brazil with a team of OAS officials, addressed the opening ceremony of the World Congress on Justice, Law and Governance, and delivered remarks to the media following a meeting on Governance for Sustainable Development, convened by the OAS.

According to the OAS official, “It is my hope that, in all our discussions, we continue to review our ability to address issues like poverty and hunger. Far too often our policies are seen in isolation. As we contemplate how to position ourselves for future action, I hope we take time to re-assess the relevance of formulas and policies which have not worked for our people.”

The Assistant Secretary General said while some progress has been made since the last meeting in Rio twenty years ago -including a reduction in poverty in some areas- Latin America remains the region with the highest levels of inequality in the world. “Close to 53 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean continue to face hunger. The critical test of democracy is not just our ability to hold elections, but our ability to address basic issues like poverty, social exclusion, security and issues which essentially contribute to development. All of our efforts must continue to revolve around the common goal of improving the quality of life of our people,” said Ramdin.

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Reference: E-219/12