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Central American and Caribbean Business Leaders Meet With OAS in Guatemala

  June 1, 2013

Major business executives from Central America and the Caribbean met in Guatemala City in a private meeting convened by the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin, and the Minister of Economy of Guatemala, Sergio de la Torre, and attended by government officials from both regions.

Among the executives at the closed-door meeting were Fernando Paiz, Samuel Urrutia, Luis Miguel Castillo, Frederico Kong, Arthur Lok Jack, Dominic Hadeed, Nicholas Lok Jack, Roberto Garcia Botrand, Sir Charles Williams, Gregory Mevs and others.

Ministers of Trade and Economy and other senior trade officials from Guatemala, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Haiti also addressed the private meeting.

The gathering represented several billion dollars in business interests in both regions, and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

"If we are serious about improving the quality of life for our people, it comes down to stimulating the economy, creating opportunities and providing more and better jobs," said Assistant Secretary General Ramdin.

Several investments and transactions were facilitated during the meeting, while discussions were held to establish a formal chapter of the Business Council of Latin America in the Caribbean, with a view to promoting trade opportunities in both regions.

Trade Minister de la Torre is expected to report on the implementation of the agreed Trade Facilitation Agenda at the next private meeting of CEOs and Chairmen of Central America and the Caribbean, scheduled to take place in Haiti next year.

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Reference: E-215/13