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  November 24, 2004

Presenting credentials as the new Permanent Observer of Spain to the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Juan Romero de Terreros said today that his government would continue supporting initiatives to provide the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Human Rights Court the necessary resources to hold sessions throughout the year.

The Spanish diplomat presented his credentials to Acting Secretary General Luigi Einaudi today, emphasizing the importance Spain attaches to those meetings of the OAS human rights bodies. He explained that Spain’s full support for the OAS is based on its view of cooperation as the only means by which certain regions of the Americas can move forward on integration and towards better standards of living for their citizens.”

Ambassador Romero de Terreros noted as well that since 1972, when Spain became the first country to obtain permanent observer status with the OAS, that government has remained a very active permanent observer as evidenced by its contributions, particularly to four main operational areas of the OAS, covering: human rights; democratic and political affairs; integral cooperation; and multidimensional security. He also cited the priority attached to supporting OAS initiatives to combat extreme poverty and social exclusion in the Americas.

For his part, the Acting Secretary General welcomed the Spanish government’s new envoy, and expressed appreciation for Spain’s important collaboration over the years. In that regard, Einaudi touched on Spanish collaboration on joint OAS/United Nations initiatives in Haiti, among other examples, and underscored the importance of knowing that “Spain stands by us and supports us.”

Reference: E-215/04