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  November 23, 2004

Mr. Duly Brutus today delivered to the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Acting Secretary General the letters by which Haiti’s interim government has accredited him as that nation’s Permanent Representative.

Ambassador Brutus, who has served as Haiti’s Interim Representative to the OAS for the past seven months, presented his accreditation letters to Acting Secretary General Luigi Einaudi. In brief remarks during a ceremony, he expressed deep appreciation for the Western Hemisphere organization’s efforts to assist the member nations and their citizens in such important and active areas as the promotion of democracy.

The Haitian diplomat also commended the OAS’ dynamic initiatives in many other areas of endeavor, and said he looked forward to continuing to contribute to initiatives that serve the hemispheric development agenda.

On receiving Mr. Brutus, the Acting Secretary General expressed confidence the newly-appointed Haitian ambassador will continue to make important contributions to the Organization on behalf of the government he represents. He praised Mr. Brutus’ representation of the interim government of Haiti at the OAS, observing that Ambassador Brutus has represented the people of Haiti very well since he arrived at OAS Headquarters earlier this year.

Referring to the recent Ibero-American Summit he attended in Costa Rica, Einaudi cited as one of its highlights the total solidarity that this group of countries expressed towards Haiti’s interim government and its program for stabilization, development and elections.

Reference: E-214/04