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OAS Assistant Secretary General Ramdin and IOM Agree to Strengthen Collaboration in the Americas

  June 1, 2010

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Albert Ramdin, held discussions at OAS Headquarters with a six-member delegation from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to promote closer collaboration between the two Organizations on the issue of migration and related social and economic impacts on Member States.

The Assistant Secretary General expressed his determination to combine the knowledge and comparative expertise of each organization to address the concerns of the countries in the hemisphere, including such issues as trafficking in persons, border migration, challenges in legislation enforcement.

Ambassador Ramdin reiterated the importance of addressing the grave problem of human trafficking in the Western Hemisphere and proposed the development of a hemispheric conference, in the near future, to study the principal challenges of migration and the value of joining efforts among the key international actors.

“I believe that the objective of increased collaboration between our two institutions should go further than bolstering ongoing technical cooperation. It should also bring renewed political attention to the topic in light of the multidimensional nature of the issue and its significance to the member states of the Hemisphere. Migration is an issue which has political, economic, security and humanitarian elements which are of the highest concern to our Organization. We must therefore strive to work on both a practical and political level to respond to the variety of national needs and challenges;” asserted Ramdin.

“One country that would benefit from this type of collaboration would be Haiti”, said the Assistant Secretary General, who proposed exploring the possibility of working collaboratively with the IOM to help the country address the myriad migratory challenges in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The IOM high-level delegation, composed of representatives from the various sub-regions of the hemisphere as well as from Europe, affirmed their interest in continuing to work with the OAS through the various OAS technical and political mechanisms.

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Reference: E-212/10