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  September 23, 2005

Sweden committed to support landmine clearance in Nicaragua with a contribution of US $1.25 million through the Organization of American States (OAS). Eva Zettesberg, Ambassador of Sweden in Nicaragua, and William McDonough, Coordinator of OAS Mine Action Program signed the cooperation agreement in Managua, Nicaragua.

With this contribution, Sweden continues its support of humanitarian demining in Nicaragua until December 2006, at which time mine clearance activities are expected to be completed. The contribution will be administered through the Sweden Agency of Cooperation.

The Government of Sweden supported for landmine clearance in Nicaragua since 1996, concentrating its efforts in the department of Nueva Segovia. Sweden additionally began its support of rehabilitation of landmine victims in Nicaragua in 1997.

To date, approximately 85 percent of the National Demining Plan in Nicaragua has been completed, reducing by some 90 percent of the at-risk population. In 1995, national authorities estimated that more than 550,000 people lived within two and a half miles (five kilometers) of a mined area. By August 2005 this population was reduced to 45,000.

With the support of the Government of Sweden, the Nicaraguan Army, with the OAS assistance, has cleared 122 areas covering 250, 000 square meters, helping 250 communities with approximately 168,000 inhabitants.

Reference: E-211/05