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  June 24, 2009

At a ceremony that took place today at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS), in Washington D.C., The University of Western Ontario signed a cooperation agreement that made it part of the OAS Consortium of Universities.

The OAS Executive Secretary for Integral Development, Alfonso Quiñónez, expressed his satisfaction with the new agreement by saying that “in response to the mandate from the OAS member states, the OAS Scholarship and Training Program has significantly grown, broadening the opportunities for students of the hemisphere.”

In his speech, Quiñónez highlighted the quality of the education programs and the international recognition of the University of Western Ontario, at the same time as he underscored the benefits this agreement will bring for the students participating in the scholarship programs and for the involved institutions. He also encouraged the expansion of this type of agreement to other Canadian Universities. “We hope that the initiative taken by the University of Western Ontario is contagious to other institutions, that see the positive impact we are making,” he affirmed.

The Vice-President of Investigation and International Relations of The University of Western Ontario, W. E. Hewitt, offered his support to the initiative of expanding this kind of agreements to other national universities, and commented how the signing of this agreement would strengthen the university, giving it the capacity to promote new educational opportunities at the hemispheric level. “This is a way of showing that we keep moving forward and that we can open the doors far more widely to students from the Americas,” he said.

The agreement signed seeks to strengthen education and human development in the framework of the OAS developed programs, and explore initiatives and programs of common interest. Financial support by The University of Western Ontario is also included for scholarship recipients selected through the OAS Scholarship Program to complete graduate or doctorate studies in the mentioned institution. The expenses will cover tuition charges plus $12.000 dollars.

The Permanent Representative of Canada to the OAS and current President of the Permanent Council, Ambassador Graeme C. Clark, also participated in the signing ceremony.

Reference: E-207/09