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  October 23, 2003

Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) and Global VSAT Forum (GVF) to Jointly Promote Expanded Access to Satellite Communications

Organization of American States Inter-American Telecommunications Commission and global satellite industry reached a groundbreaking agreement today involving a public- and private-sector commitment to jointly develop programmes that will promote expanded access to telecommunications throughout the region.

The cooperation agreement was signed this week in El Salvador during a meeting of the Permanent Consultative Committee II: Radiocommunications including Broadcasting (PCC.II). Specifically, the agreement calls for coordination on satellite-related programmes.

“Widespread access to broadband satellite communications can promote the flow of information in the Americas, both for small- and medium-size enterprises as well as for rural communities”, said Clovis Baptista, Executive Secretary of CITEL. “The use of broadband via satellite requires adequate regulatory conditions. We are co-coordinating with the Global VSAT Forum as we encourage the implementation of flexible regulatory frameworks.”

“The Global VSAT Forum is honored to work with CITEL,” said David Hartshorn, Secretary General of the GVF, who added that the issues of granting network licenses and standardization for satellite systems have been items of key importance in the regulations of the countries in the hemisphere.

To address these issues, CITEL is holding a roundtable today during the PCC.II meeting. Comprising satellite experts in the sector and regulators, the roundtable will examine regulatory measures to promote the deployment of broadband satellite networks in the Americas through the development of adequate, flexible regulatory systems that will permit the rapid implementation and use of, and access to, the services provided through the satellite systems, with an emphasis on broadband networks, as part of the technological, economic, and social development of CITEL member countries.

Editor’s Note:

CITEL ( is an entity of the Organization of American States established to facilitate and promote the continuing development of telecommunications in the region.

GVF ( is a non-profit, independent organization that serves as the unified voice of the international satellite communications industry.

Reference: E-207/03