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  June 20, 2009

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Albert Ramdin, issued Saturday a call to graduates at the University of Belize’ Ninth Commencement Exercise on Saturday in Belmopan. He urged more than 500 students to consider how they could best influence their future and the future of their country as they entered a new stage in their lives.

At the ceremony, Mr. Ramdin encouraged the graduates to make a difference and to be active citizens of the world. However, he cautioned that this ability comes with a responsibility to “choose wisely and purposefully so that your contribution can make a difference.”

Mr. Ramdin also emphasized the growing importance of youth in the Organization of American States, “I’m pleased to announce here today that we now have for the first time a youth agenda which reflects the importance of incorporating youth into the development strategy of the Americas.”

In congratulating the class of 2009, he encouraged them to always give back to their country. “As graduates of this prestigious national institution of higher learning, you have a duty to give back to this community and to this country.”

He concluded his remarks by imploring the new generation of young professionals to “not allow anyone or any social or economic reality to deter you from realizing your true potential and dreams. Where challenges abound and obstacles can be hard to overcome, determination and a strong moral compass are the two most important forces to propel you to success,” he told them.

Also present at the ceremony was the Honorable Patrick Faber, Minister of Education. Assistant Secretary General Ramdin was invited to deliver the commencement address by the President of the University of Belize, Santos Mahung.

Reference: E-201/09