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  October 9, 2003

Outreach initiatives by the Organization of American States (OAS) are getting a boost, thanks to a $20,000 contribution the government of Greece has earmarked for the Organization’s Office of External Relations.

Greece’s Permanent Observer to the OAS, Ambassador George Savvaides, today presented the gift to Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, who was accompanied by the Director of External Relations, Eduardo Del Buey. Ambassador Savvaides said the support is intended to “further assist OAS efforts to promote hemispheric cooperation with a view to addressing the current economic, social and political challenges in the region and achieve the objectives of the Summit of the Americas.”

Although an organization of Western Hemisphere nations, the OAS “has been actively trying to meet the challenging developments in word affairs,” Ambassador Savvaides pointed out, recalling that Greece obtained OAS permanent observer status in 1979 and shares OAS ideals and commitments relating to such important issues as democratic governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

He reiterated the “great importance” Greece and the European Union (EU) place on Latin America and the Caribbean, and went on to declare, “We constructively contribute to the enhancement of dialogue between the EU and the countries of the various regional schemes like the Rio Group, the San José process, MERCOSUR and the Community of Andean Nations.”

In expressing appreciation, the Assistant Secretary General cited recent formal OAS-EU consultations held in Washington. “We know and appreciate the interest that Greece has in the Western Hemisphere, both bilaterally and through the European Union,” he added.

Einaudi underscored the particular importance of Greece’s support for the outreach program linked to the Summit of the Americas process, noting that the OAS has been serving increasingly as the hub of presidential contacts and policy formulation in the hemisphere. “And that inevitably increases our relevance and centrality,” which implies the need for greater outreach and public communication to involve the broader society, Einaudi explained.

Reference: E-195/03