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OAS Offers Online Course to 50 Civil Registry Officers in Bolivia

  May 9, 2014

The Organization of American States (OAS) is offering an online course to fifty officers of the Civil Registry Service (SERECI) of Bolivia with to improve their capabilities in the process of registration, their knowledge of domestic legislation, the use of new technologies and customer service.

The eight week course, called "Civil Registry and the Right to Identity," is part of the Universal Civil Identity Project of the Americas (PUICA) and is taught by the OAS Department for Effective Public Management.

The OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, highlighted the contribution of this program to the countries of the Hemisphere. "This initiative, which the OAS is beginning in Bolivia -and then will spread to other countries in the region- is very important because it enhances the human resources of our member states taking advantage of new technologies."

Five officers of the SERECI are taking part in the first edition of the course. During the classes, basic concepts about Civil Registration and the Right to Identity are offered, with a focus on the internal processes and legislation regarding Civil Registries, user/customer service, use of new technologies, and the registration procedures established by SERECI.

The course is designed to drive a virtual system of ongoing training to enable the exchange of knowledge and best practices on identification and registration in the region, strengthening the technical and operational capacities of the civil registry staff.

This initiative was developed in support of the objectives and activities of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Civil Registration, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV), a body in which PUICA has served as the Executive Secretariat since 2009. The Virtual Campus of the OAS Department of Effective Public Management has twenty long distance courses in order to improve the technical capacity of public officials in the region. The training classes for officials of the civil registries are possible thanks to support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

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Reference: E-193/14