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  September 15, 2006

Reaffirming Costa Rica’s strong denunciation of terrorism, “whatever its source and manifestation,” that country’s Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) today deposited the instruments of ratification of the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism, saying the Central American nation is thus honoring its commitment to collaborate in the international effort against the scourge.
Ambassador Javier Sancho Bonilla delivered the ratification documents to Secretary General José Miguel Insulza, during a brief ceremony at OAS Headquarters. He said Costa Rica has been actively engaged in all OAS and United Nations initiatives to combat terrorism, and noted the particular significance of depositing the ratifications instruments on the day his country is marking its 185th anniversary of independence. “By ratifying this instrument, our country is now party to all hemispheric and international instruments in force to combat the scourge of terrorism,” Ambassador Sancho noted.
Secretary General Insulza received the Costa Rican ratification instruments, emphasizing that “we all need to actively enlist in this struggle against a full-fledged international scourge.” At the next meeting of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE), he added, “we hope to conduct a thorough review of instruments already in force and look at other hemispheric cooperation mechanisms to tackle terrorism on all fronts.”
Insulza called on OAS member countries to continue cooperating on every level, and urged continued cooperation to rid the hemisphere of terrorism. As well, he stressed that all states need to fight terrorism and foster joint effort to ensure it never occurs in the region again.
Costa Rica is the twenty first country to ratify the hemispheric anti-terrorism treaty that was adopted June 3, 2002 at the OAS General Assembly in Barbados.
Besides Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin, others attending the ceremony included Permanent Council Chairman Ambassador Henry L. Illes of Suriname, member state representatives and OAS Assistant Secretary for Multidimensional Security Steve Monblatt.

Reference: E-192/06