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  October 3, 2003

In furtherance of Permanent Council and General Assembly Resolutions 822 and 1959, the Organization of American States (OAS) has been engaged in active consultations on ways to resume direct dialogue among the Haitian actors, notably the Government, political parties and civil society. OAS Special Envoy for Promoting Dialogue in Haiti, Ambassador Terence Todman has been in the forefront of these efforts since August in both Haiti and Washington.

In light of these consultations Secretary General Cesar Gaviria is pleased to announce that a special working session will take place in Port au Prince in two to three weeks. The President of Haiti and representatives of the government, political parties, civil society and the dean of the diplomatic corps have been invited to participate in the special working session which will be facilitated by Assistant Secretary General Luigi R. Einaudi.

Objectives sought include the creation of a credible, neutral and independent Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to organize legislative and local elections on a schedule to be decided by that CEP and measures to enhance desperately needed security for peaceful political debate.

Commenting on the initiative, Einaudi stated, “It is clear that practical steps are required from both Haitian and international actors.” He commented that preparations for ensuring practical commitments by all parties are underway and are vital contributions as the people of Haiti approach the 200th anniversary of their independence.

Since April 2002, the OAS Special Mission for Strengthening Democracy in Haiti, led by the Secretary General’s Special Representative, David Lee, has been engaged in institution building and working to help resolve that country's three-year-old political crisis. Secretary General Gaviria will shortly be submitting to the Permanent Council an evaluation of the capacity of the Special Mission to carry out its mandate under current and prospective conditions, in accordance with Resolution 1959.

Reference: E-187/03