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  May 26, 2009

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, arrived Sunday night in Guatemala and did an intense round of interviews that included political, social and business actors. The meeting sessions focused on the situation that the country is going through after the murder of attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg, and that has disturbed the Guatemalan society.

In his visit Insulza, who traveled accompanied by the OAS Secretary for Political Affairs, Victor Rico, had fourteen meetings, including the President of the Republic, Álvaro Colom; the Vice-president Rafael Espada; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Haroldo Rodas; the Chief of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Carlos Castresana; the youth members of the Nationalist Civic Movement; the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Rubén Elíu Higüeros; the President of the Congress, Roberto Alejos; the Attorney General, Amilcar Velásquez; the members of the National Agreement Verification Commission; former presidential candidate, Otto Pérez Molina; Mr. Eduardo Rodas Marzano, Attorney Rosenberg’s brother; Deputy Nineth Montenegro; members of the Coordination Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, and Financial Associations; Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú; the Coordinator of the Commission of Justice; and the ambassadors of the Group of Dialogue for the Cooperation with Guatemala (Canada, United Sates, Spain, and Sweden).

Insulza focuses his concern on the support of the hemispheric organization to democratic institutions; the respect for the work carried out by public authorities democratically elected; and his unconditional support for the work carried out by the CICIG to clarify the facts.

The OAS Secretary General highlighted the need to appease all sides in this complex situation created after several killings and a videotape recorded by Mr. Rosenberg, to build confidence and to start a dialogue that should lead to closer positions.

In this context, and with everyone’s will, he said, “there might be an opportunity for a deep reform of the judicial system that guarantees higher transparency and enables to fight impunity.”

Furthermore, Insulza stressed the need to provide the judicial system with the budgetary resources and a regulatory framework that brings security and guarantees observance of the law.

The Secretary General is returning today to Washington D.C.

Reference: E-181/09