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OAS Participates in Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative Needs Assessment for Dominica

  April 30, 2014

The Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) of the Organization of American States (OAS) is taking part this week in a five-day visit to Dominica, together with experts from the Council of Europe and Oxford University to assess the country’s needs in the development of its cyber security strategy under the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative (CCI).

During the visit, OAS officials will provide technical advice on cyber security strategy development and carry out a comprehensive Cybercrime and Cyber Security needs assessment. The CCI is a program of the Secretariat of the 53 member Commonwealth of Nations designed to assist member countries to build their capacity to address cybercrime through collaboration and cooperation with a range of international organizations, including the OAS.

The OAS will provide technical assistance for the development of Dominica’s National Cyber Security Strategy. During the Mission, the group will advise on the development and implementation of the national strategy, and on the establishment of a working group for the development of said strategy. This Mission forms part of a larger offer of assistance to help Dominica develop its National Cyber Security Strategy, and includes appropriate follow-up support to facilitate development and adoption of the strategy and related activities.

This initiative is among several such activities planned for 2014 by the OAS Cyber Security Program, which has initiated discussions with other member states regarding the current state of development or implementation of their national cyber security strategies and has offered tailored technical assistance to this end.

The OAS/CICTE Cyber Security Program is the result of a decision by the OAS General Assembly to adopt a Comprehensive Inter-American Cyber Security Strategy in 2004. The Organization was mandated to develop the cyber security capabilities of its member states with a focus on establishing Computer Security and Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs); to raise awareness on the importance of cyber issues and the creation of a culture of cyber security; as well as to support the development of cyber security policy frameworks. As such, as of 2013 the Program has assisted 19 member states through working closely with the governments of the Americas to establish national CSIRTs. It has also helped three member states to develop and officially adopt comprehensive national cyber security strategies.

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Reference: E-172/14