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OAS Secretary General Calls on Haitian Political Actors to “Adopt Agreements to Bring About Legislative Elections this Year”

  April 24, 2014

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today said “there is an urgent need for the national actors involved in the political process in Haiti to adopt agreements leading to clear definitions on the electoral calendar.”

The OAS leader said “this need is the first conclusion of the close monitoring of Haitian political events by the Organization," and highlighted the opening of a debate in the Permanent Council of the OAS, "in the course of which a significant number of representatives spoke about the desirability of the timely realization of elections." He also announced that the Group of Friends of Haiti of the OAS will meet tomorrow to discuss the issue, with a view to consider a declaration.

The Secretary General warned that the internal Haitian process "has reached a stage of stagnation, marked by the absence of concrete agreements setting an electoral calendar." In this context, the OAS Secretary General called on "key political players in the Caribbean country to ensure that elections are carried out this year in compliance with the requirements of democratic institutions in Haiti."

Secretary General Insulza expressed the willingness of the hemispheric Organization “to send a Mission of Observation to accompany an electoral process that gives guarantees to all sectors and contributes to the democratic stability of the nation.”

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Reference: E-163/14