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  May 8, 2009

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS), through its Department of Human Development, and the Instituto Empresa (IE), School of Arts and Humanities, recently renewed the Collaboration Agreement to facilitate participation of students from OAS member states in the Masters in International Relations, a one-year English-spoken program, to be taught in Madrid (Spain) starting next October.

The maximum stipend for each student will be of 16.200 Euros (approximately US$25.000). This covers up to 60% of program’s tuition fee, with a maximum of two scholarships per year. Academic records, professional experience, and language proficiency will be the main criteria used for the selection process. Further information and application deadlines are posted on the OAS website: or Information can also be requested by sending an email to: [email protected].

The Agreement signed between the OAS and the IE aims at helping beneficiaries of the scholarship to get a good understanding of contemporary international relations, with a double focus: public and private. The program will emphasize on the analysis of public organizations and international private corporations, it will also cover major political and economic systems of the world such as the European Union (EU).

In the current complex world environment; and considering the international relations dynamic, where transnational public and private organizations become every day more relevant players in the economic and political debate, professionals with deep understanding and of those institutions and its working mechanisms are in high demand. Therefore, it is important for the public and private sectors of the OAS member states to support professionals with that expertise

The Agreement signed by the OAS and the IE will allow students from the OAS member states to share their own experiences and views of international affairs with classmates from all over the world. Students who participate in the Masters in International Relations usually come from countries in Europe, Asia and Africa ( The 2008 program included students coming from United States, Cuba, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Russia, Sweden and Spain.

The application deadline for this scholarship is June 19th, 2009. Further information and inquires about the Agreement can be sent directly to Camila Uribe at [email protected], or to the OAS Department of Human Development at [email protected].

Reference: E-162/09