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OAS Organized Second Public Forum for Discussion of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas

  April 21, 2014

The Organization of American States (OAS) held the second forum of public debate on the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), entitled "Overview of Partners’ Engagement: Successful Strategies for Collaboration.”

The Department of Sustainable Development of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI) of the OAS organized the event, in its role as a mechanism for facilitating the ECPA. The forum, which just ended, was held at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC, and aimed to promote dialogue on sustainable energy solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. During the event the collaborative efforts lead by governments, international organizations and civil society to advance in the development of an agenda of priorities on sustainable energy and climate change were presented.

The meeting provided a space to discuss solutions in sustainable energy and climate change mitigation. The Executive Secretary for Integral Development of the OAS, Sherry Tross, stressed the importance of participating in an open debate that can effectively promote actions in the energy and climate policy that are taking place at the national and regional level.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Permanent Representative of Peru to the OAS, Juan Federico Jiménez Mayor, and the Permanent Observer of France to the OAS, Jean-Claude Nolla, who highlighted the key role of the OAS in facilitating a positive dialogue with view toward the next conference to be held under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. In addition, the potential for possible alliances between governments, civil society and the private sector under the auspices of the ECPA was discussed, taking into account the exchange of first-hand knowledge of the projects currently being implemented with the support of the OAS and their collaboration strategies.

This is the second in a series of four forums organized by the Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS. The objective of these dialogues is to foster greater collaboration on energy and climate change among member states of the OAS and the diplomatic community in Washington. The forums have allowed the participation of diverse audiences in an exchange of best practices and lessons learned related to energy and climate change.

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Reference: E-155/14