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  June 8, 2006

The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, visited the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) today to address a special meeting of the Permanent Council. The meeting of member state representatives was chaired by Ambassador Lisa Shoman of Belize, with OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza and Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin present.

President Bachelet, who was on an official visit to the United States at the invitation of President George Bush, said her country believes the OAS plays a critical role in promoting shared principles and values in the region, adding that “a globalized world needs institutions and norms to generate conditions conducive to a peaceful, harmonious coexistence.” Multilateral institutions, she added, provide a framework with the necessary legitimacy to guide a process in which all countries, large and small, can be guaranteed to have their interests protected.

The OAS, under the leadership of a distinguished Chilean, has the strategic vision to carry out a defined agenda that allows the hemispheric body to work closely with the region’s democratic systems, “fostering confidence, citizen participation and the establishment of solid and transparent institutions,” Bachelet told the Permanent Council.

Secretary General Insulza, for his part, congratulated President Bachelet for proudly continuing the succession of democratic leaders in Chile that began in 1990 with President Patricio Aylwin and continued with Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos. Expressing his admiration for his country’s first female head of state, Insulza predicted she would have a promising future and be able to open new avenues of possibility for Chilean citizens.

Reference: E-129/06