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  June 21, 2005

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today urged Nicaraguans to establish a “broad national dialogue” to help strengthen the country’s democratic institutions and resolve the current political problems. Insulza told the Permanent Council that he will act quickly to appoint a permanent mission, headed by a high-level representative, to facilitate such a dialogue.

In an oral report to the Council on the results of a mission he led last week to Nicaragua, Insulza reiterated the Organization’s commitment to help that Central American country.

“I am convinced that if we cease in our efforts, a crisis could present itself at any moment. But I am also convinced that if we persevere, we can succeed, and people can sit down and talk and work together because they feel they have all of our support,” Insulza said.

The lack of communication among the political actors in Nicaragua makes this a complex challenge and underscores the need for a space in which all sectors can come together to establish the basis for a national understanding, Insulza said.

The Secretary General thanked Nicaragua’s authorities, the different branches of government and the country’s political and social leaders who were willing to shared their concerns and ideas with the mission. He said the OAS hoped to have a permanent presence in Nicaragua soon to help reestablish harmony and consolidate democracy.

After hearing remarks by the representatives of numerous member states, Ambassador Carmen Marina Gutiérrez of Nicaragua expressed her appreciation to the Permanent Council for its “total support” for a mission to promote an “inclusive” dialogue in her country.

Last week’s visit to Nicaragua came in response to a mandate from the OAS General Assembly, which adopted a declaration in support of that country on June 7, during its session held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Secretary General was accompanied on the mission by Ambassadors Alberto Borea of Peru, who currently chairs the Permanent Council; Aristides Royo of Panama; and Paul Durand of Canada.

Reference: E-123/05