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  June 26, 2003

Nicaragua’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Salvador Stadthagen Icaza, today reassured the Organization of American States (OAS) of his government’s determination to remain firmly committed to democratic governance and the rule of law.

He told the OAS member state delegations at the Permanent Council that he had come to the OAS body to reiterate to them the unswerving will of President Enrique Bolaños’ government to govern effectively and in accordance with the nation’s Political Constitution as well as in keeping with the OAS Charter and the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

“It is our moral duty to the OAS; it is our moral duty to the Hemisphere; and it is our duty and obligation to the people of Nicaragua,” Stadthagen Icaza declared at the first meeting of the Council since the General Assembly met in Chile this past June 8 to 10.

He said the mandate from the Nicaraguan people to live in democracy should prevail: “We have a transparent government and the international community has renewed confidence in our country, as have Nicaraguans themselves.” The Nicaraguan official then went on to detail specific government initiatives to combat terrorism, illegal weapons and corruption and to involve civil society in a process of consultation on candidates for the Supreme Court.

Turning to an OAS report on the diversion of Nicaraguan weapons to Colombian guerrillas, Stadthagen Icaza said the government has sought to implement its recommendations. He cited the move by the President to set up an inter-institutional commission to follow up on the investigations.

Permanent Council Chairman Ambassador Odeen Ishmael of Guyana and Secretary General César Gaviria welcomed the Nicaraguan dignitary.

Reference: E-121/03