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OAS Secretary General Congratulates Colombia on a Decisive Step toward an Inclusive Peace Agreement

  November 13, 2016

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, today congratulated Colombia for taking a decisive step toward an inclusive peace agreement, convinced that a broad and participatory dialogue is the way to build a sustainable peace.

Almagro welcomed "the willingness and the efforts of the Government of President Santos, the promoters of the 'No,' the FARC-EP and the different sectors of society that, through long days, managed to overcome the complexities, debated the different proposals of the 'No' backers, and found points of consensus, strengthening the initial peace agreement."

Secretary General Almagro invited the parties sitting at the table and the opposition to move forward, through dialogue focused on building the basis for a peace that involves all Colombians.

In this sense, the OAS leader emphasized the valuable participation of civil society, which after the plebiscite turned to the streets to engage with the process and contribute to the national dialogue, in the full exercise of democracy.

Almagro reiterated the commitment of the OAS to continue accompanying Colombia on its path to peace, as it has done since 2004 through the Mission to Support the Peace Process (MAPP/OAS). As part of its mandate, MAPP/OAS is deployed in the territories most affected by the conflict, monitoring peace policies and accompanying communities.

Reference: E-119/16