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OAS and Government of Mexico to Implement Energy Efficiency Project

  April 3, 2012

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Government of Mexico will implement “Energy Efficiency: Technical Assistance and Collaboration with the Government of Mexico.” This effort is framed under the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA). The project will establish a regional working group to support the actions of the governments of the Western Hemisphere in the advancement of energy efficiency and conservation through policy, regulation and technology.

The Government of Mexico and the OAS have laid out a series of activities intended to deliver the expertise of the region’s champions in energy efficiency so that they may share experiences and best practices with governments seeking to improve their own energy efficiency. Over the course of three years, the project will deliver assistance through workshops, exchange missions and seminars that will strengthen the capacity of governments to follow the path toward greater energy efficiency and conservation. Several policy tools are known for being effective at enhancing energy efficiency. Some of these include equipment certification, standards and labels, the Energy Service Company (ESCO) business model or public awareness campaigns.

The Government of the United States, through the Department of State, will provide the financial support required for these activities. During a workshop on Mexico’s experiences with energy efficiency which took place in Mexico City on March 21 to 22, 2012, Anthony Wayne, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, stressed that, “Mexico has been a strong partner on ECPA activities from the start, and has focused particularly on energy efficiency. In September 2010, as part of its commitment to ECPA, Mexico held a highly successful Energy Efficiency and Access Forum which was attended by representatives from throughout the hemisphere.” In quoting President Obama at the Summit of the Americas in 2009, Ambassador Wayne further emphasized that ECPA, “Will help us learn from one another, share technologies, leverage investment, and maximize our comparative advantage.”

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Reference: E-118/12