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  April 9, 2008

The Department of Human Development at the Organization of American States is pleased to announce the opening of its Academic Scholarship Program for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies for the 2009-2010 academic cycle.

Scholarships will be granted to students who are citizens of a Member State of the OAS and who wish to engage in academic studies in any other Member State, excepting his/her own.

Scholarships for Undergraduate studies will be granted to citizens of the English-speaking Caribbean OAS member countries who meet the requirements for the completion of the last two years of study leading to a bachelor’s degree, while scholarships for graduate studies and research (Master’s and Doctorate level) are available for candidates from all of the OAS member countries. Studies must be undertaken at an accredited institution in any of the OAS Member States.

The field of study of the applicant must relate to the priority areas established by the OAS Member States in the Strategic Plan for Partnership for Integral Development 2006-09:

• Social development and creation of productive employment
• Education
• Economic diversification and integration, trade liberalization, and market access
• Scientific development and the exchange and transfer of technology
• Strengthening of democratic institutions
• Sustainable tourism development
• Sustainable development and environment
• Culture

Candidates should fill out the electronic application available on our website, print a copy and then submit their original documentation to the National Liaison Office (ONE) in their country of citizenship or legal permanent residence. Please contact your ONE for information about the country’s deadlines.

For additional information about ONEs and required documents, please visit – Scholarships for Academic Studies, or write to [email protected].

Reference: E-118/08