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  May 3, 2007

Nicaragua’s Ambassador Denis Ronaldo Moncada Colindres has presented credentials as his country’s new Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS).

Delivering his accreditation letters to Secretary General José Miguel Insulza at a special ceremony on Tuesday, Ambassador Moncada stressed “the significant changes the hemisphere’s peoples expect of the Organization—now and in the future—in keeping with the rights and interests of its member nations.” He said he looks forward to “being part of this important hemispheric forum and to being involved in discussing issues of interest to our respective countries.”

Secretary General Insulza welcomed Ambassador Moncada, expressing confidence that the Nicaraguan envoy’s presence “will help make our organization even stronger.” Insulza made mention of “the important cooperation between the OAS and Nicaragua” in relation to that country’s electoral processes, adding that he was especially pleased with how the OAS carried out its election-related work during last year’s presidential elections. He said he was also satisfied with the collaboration the Nicaraguan authorities offered the OAS electoral observers.

Addressing the OAS Permanent Council hours after presenting credentials, Ambassador Moncada outlined the policy priorities of Nicaragua’s new Reconciliation and National Unity Government, focused on “promoting the progressive strengthening of relations through friendship and cooperation based on justice and equity.” In that regard, the diplomat announced that the Nicaraguan government would soon launch its policy to combat extreme poverty, under the “Zero Hunger Program.”

Moncada told the Permanent Council meeting—chaired by Venezuela’s Ambassador Jorge Valero—that Nicaragua views Central American, Latin American and Caribbean unity as crucial “if we are to successfully tackle the challenges of globalization in the quest for answers to shared problems and serious issues such as poverty, misery and social injustice, and bring about conditions that are conducive to sustainable growth and development, for which our citizens yearn.”

Among others on hand for the Permanent Council session were Secretary General Insulza; Assistant Secretary General Albert R. Ramdin; and the member state ambassadors.

Reference: E-117/07