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OAS Promotes Information Exchange on Cyber Threats through the Implementation of MISP in Costa Rica

  December 14, 2021

The Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) of the Organization of American States (OAS), through its Cybersecurity Program and the network of Cyber Security Incident Response Teams of the Americas (CSIRTAmericas Network) provided technical assistance to the National CSIRT of Costa Rica in the implementation and installation of the malware information sharing platform or MISP node. The project aims to strengthen Costa Rica's CSIRT early warning systems, facilitate the exchange of information on cyber threats, and strengthen the country's integration into the CSIRTAmericas network.

Through the implementation of a MISP node and its synchronization with the regional network, the CSIRT-CR strengthens its capabilities to respond to incidents through the utilization, enhancement and dissemination of information on cyber threats that affect critical infrastructures of government, health and energy sectors, as well as banks and other organizations in the country. This open-source tool is used internationally by various institutions and facilitates the direct peer to peer (P2P) exchange of indicators of compromise (IOC) and cyber threats.

Alison August Treppel, CICTE Executive Secretary, said that “through the implementation of this MISP node in Costa Rica, we continue to expand the information exchange tools for the members of the CSIRTAmericas Network. We are convinced that this implementation will contribute to strengthening the government's cyber incident detection, response and recovery capacities and to build a safer hemisphere for the Americas.”

Jorge Mora, Director of Digital Governance of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) of Costa Rica said “with the collaboration of the OAS, we are strengthening the capacities to share preventive information on cybersecurity in an ethical and safe way, with the workshop on training in the MISP tool. These training courses are part of the work led by the MICITT through the Directorate of Digital Governance and the National CSIRT, in order to strengthen cybersecurity capacities at the national and international level."

The CSIRTAmericas network acts as the main promoter of the technical cyber capacity building pillar in the OAS member states. Through its activities with 31 member CSIRTs, the network works towards strengthening the capacities to respond to cyber incidents and the exchange of information and regional cooperation among OAS member states.

Reference: E-114/21