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  June 3, 2003

Delivering his government’s latest contribution, Korea’s Permanent Observer to the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Han Sung-Joo, said it underscores how Korea appreciates “the leading role that the OAS has played in facilitating the peaceful resolution of territorial disputes.”

The Korean gift package presented to OAS Assistant Secretary General Luigi R. Einaudi today included US$20,000 for the Organization’s Fund for Peace, and $100,000 worth of equipment for the OAS Special Mission for Strengthening Democracy in Haiti. The latter includes three vehicles (SUVs) as well as computers and other equipment for the Special Mission.

“In recent years, the reputation of the OAS as a promoter, defender and bulwark for security and democracy in the Western Hemisphere has become more and more solid,” declared the Korean diplomat, who is also Ambassador to the United States. “Today, more than ever, the OAS has been called upon whenever peace, democracy or human rights are threatened,” he went on to note. “As a result of its achievements, the OAS has increasingly been invited by parties to assist in finding a peaceful resolution to their disputes.”

Ambassador Han said his government believes the success of OAS efforts “is beneficial not only to OAS member countries, but also to the world as a whole.”

Assistant Secretary General Einaudi noted that Korea has actively supported various OAS activities and initiatives since becoming an observer, one of the first Asian nations to do so—on June 3, 1981. Ambassador Einaudi explained that the gifts for the Special Mission in Haiti are especially welcome, “not just because they come from Korea, but also because they come at this time when it is important to show our support for Haiti.”

The contribution for the transitional process between Belize and Guatemala was also very timely, he stressed, because it will help fund the newly-established OAS office that will be working in the Adjacency Zone between the two countries to, among other things, monitor how confidence-building measures are being implemented.

Among those attending the presentation ceremony were Ambassadors of Lisa Shoman of Belize, Víctor Hugo Godoy Morales of Guatemala and Raymond Valcin of Haiti, who all expressed appreciation on their respective governments’ behalf.

Reference: E-112/03