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  May 7, 2003

Argentina’s April 27 presidential elections proceeded normally and was well-organized, with a particularly high voter turn-out of some 80 percent, the Organization of American States has reported.

Moisés Benamor, a member of the OAS delegation that witnessed the elections at the invitation of that government, informed the OAS Permanent Council that the election exercise underscored “Argentineans’ determination to strengthen their institutions by democratic means, as promoted by the inter-American community.”

In lauding Argentineans for their commitment to democracy throughout, “and in particular on election day,” Benamor said the OAS delegation, led by Elizabeth Spehar, Executive Coordinator of the Unit for the Promotion of Democracy (UPD), had sent a message expressing solidarity and support to the Argentinean people.

While in Buenos Aires, the delegation expressed the Hemisphere’s solidarity with the people, government and political leaders “who renewed their commitment to democracy by holding free and fair elections.” The OAS delegation’s schedule included meetings with campaign managers for the presidential candidates, civil society representatives, and political analysts.

Thanking the hemispheric Organization for sending the delegation to the elections, Argentina’s Ambassador to the OAS Rodolfo Gil underscored the commitment by his compatriots who turned out in large numbers to vote. “This is yet another demonstration of our compatriots’ commitment to democracy, taking into consideration the year of upheavals we have just gone through,” declared the Ambassador.

Reference: E-105/03