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  May 6, 2003

Nicaragua today became the latest Organization of American States member to deposit ratification instruments for the Inter-American Convention on Conventional Arms Acquisitions, adopted in Guatemala City in June 1999.

“This ratification is a vote for confidence-building among the states of the Americas,” declared Nicaragua’s Ambassador to the OAS Carmen Marina Gutiérrez, presenting to Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi the documents pertaining to the treaty that entered into force last November.

The Nicaraguan diplomat said her government feels that “reducing armaments under a balance-of-forces scheme enables resources to be channeled into economic and social development.” She said “this is also a vote of confidence in information-sharing on such arms acquisitions since it boosts cooperation among member states of the Americas.”

The Assistant Secretary General noted that the entry into force of the Convention was a significant move towards the goal of effective conventional arms limitation which in turn will lead to maximum levels of resources being devoted to economic and social development in member states.”

Ambassador Einaudi explained that while the treaty is based on a system of transparency originally articulated by the United Nations, “it has been enhanced within our Hemisphere because under this Convention, the reports are mandatory once the treaty is ratified, making the element of confidence more solid.”

The countries that have ratified the Inter-American Convention on Transparency in Conventional Arms Acquisitions are Canada, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Reference: E-103/03