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Colombia Expands the Mandate of the OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process

  September 27, 2016

The Mission to Support the Peace Process of the Organization of American States (MAPP/OAS) will monitor the challenges, risks and threats to the peace in the post-conflict stage in Colombia, according to the agreement signed today in Cartagena by the Foreign Minister of Colombia, María Ángela Holguin; the High Commissioner for Post-Conflict, Rafael Pardo, and the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro.

The MAPP/OAS will have an active and permanent presence in the territories to be left by the FARC-EP, and in those with presence of the ELN and organized armed groups. In these zones, the Mission will monitor security conditions and the effects on communities. It will also monitor the development of social conflicts that pose challenges for the consolidation of peace, and will continue with its work regarding the rights of social leaders, human rights defenders, farmers, those reclaiming lands, those receiving collective reparation, indigenous peoples, and afro-Colombians, among others.

The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, said the Organization receives the assignment from the government with the greatest sense of responsibility: “The OAS will continue to work on this noble task – the building of peace, we will contribute all the lessons learned and the understanding of the Colombian territory we have built during these twelve years. We thank Colombia for its trust. The OAS is and will remain committed to you and to peace.”

The Mission, which has since 2004 supported the efforts of Colombia to achieve peace, has 15 permanent regional offices and a mobile team that covers 250 populated centers in 20 departments of the country. It will present periodic reports to the Colombian government, with recommendations combining the needs of communities and the peace policies.

The specific role given to the MAPP/OAS will complement and secure the work of other national and international entities that also work for peace in Colombia. Therefore, the Mission will coordinate its actions with these institutions.

The ceremony for the signing of the agreement was attended by the Chief of the MAPP/OAS, Roberto Menéndez; the Permanent Representative of Colombia to the OAS, Andrés González; and representatives of the international community, many of whom contribute to the financing of the OAS Mission.

See a fact sheet about the MAPP here.

Reference: E-101/16