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Peace Agreement in Colombia: Statement from the OAS Secretary General

  September 26, 2016

Today is a day the world will not forget. The peace agreement in Colombia is a milestone applauded by all the countries of the hemisphere and the world.

Peace for Colombia is peace for everyone.

I congratulate the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the leaders and members of the FARC-EP for the determination and the conviction to put an end to more than half a century of armed confrontation through dialogue.

Colombia has shown that, when dialogue is results-oriented, convictions are strong and the objective worthwhile, the impossible becomes possible.

During the last 12 years, the OAS has closely accompanied peace efforts in Colombia, and we will continue to do so in the post-conflict stage.

The government has requested that the Mission of Support for the Peace Process (MAPP/OAS) continue its deployment in the territories most affected by the armed conflict.

In this new period, we will focus on monitoring those dynamics that pose risks, threats and challenges to the peace.

Yesterday, today and always, we are committed to peace and we will continue to be committed to Colombia.

Reference: E-100/16