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  March 27, 2009

Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin, and the vicedirector of the University of San Pedro Sula (USPS), Senén Villanueva Henderson, signed today a Co-Operation Agreement to organize the XXVII Model OAS General Assembly for Universities in the Hemisphere (XXVII MOAS).

The government of Honduras is also part of the agreement to host the MOAS, which will take place from April 27th to 30th at the USPS Headquarters in San Pedro Sula.

The event, supported financially by the OAS; USPS and the Government of Spain, seeks to engage and sensitize the youth and the people of Honduras, and the youth in the Continent in general. The MOAS will anticipate the 39th OAS General Assembly, which will be held in the same city from June 1st to 3rd.

The MOAS is a simulation of the OAS General Assembly where students represent each and every one of the 34 Member States and defend the policies and interests of the countries they are assigned to. “The main goal of this exercise is promoting democratic values among the youth of the Hemisphere, making the students acquaintance with the OAS works and functions”, said OAS Director of External Relations Irene Klinger, who promotes the event.

Previous MOASs have taken place in the past in Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Chile. Furthermore, for almost three decades a Model takes places in Washington, DC (WMOAS) in April, and another one in December for high school students.

All universities from Honduras and the Hemisphere are invited to take part at the XXVII MOAS. More information regarding this program can be found at the MOAS’s Web-Site ( Questions might also be directed to Ms. Nelly Robinson (

Reference: E-098/09