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The Technical Team of the OAS General Secretariat in Bolivia Calls on Citizens to Provide Material for Analysis

  November 4, 2019

The technical team of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) is opening channels to receive information and documentation related to the elections of October 20 and post-election events. To coordinate the delivery of material please contact the following email:

This information will be useful for the analysis that the technicians are carrying out in the country and that includes an audit of the official vote count, the verification of minutes, statistical aspects, verification of the process and chain of custody. To meet its objective, the technical team will audit the following components:

• Authenticity and reliability of the voting records, as well as the data entered in the preliminary election results transmission system (TREP) and in the official computer system.
• Computer systems for the transmission of preliminary results and official calculation, infrastructure components and other devices used during the electoral process.
• The comprehensive plan of custody for all electoral material during the electoral and post-electoral stage.
• Flow in the entry and loading of data on preliminary electoral results and official calculation.

The team is made up of more than 30 international specialists and auditors, including: electoral lawyers, statisticians, computer experts, specialists in documents, handwriting, chain of custody and electoral organization. The Audit Mission does not include the position of "companions," and is composed exclusively of the technical team mentioned.

Reference: E-093/19