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Reelected, OAS Assistant Secretary General Calls for Greater Unity in the Americas

  March 24, 2010

During the 39th Special Session of the General Assembly, Surinamese diplomat Albert Ramdin was reelected by acclamation for a second term as Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS). Ambassador Ramdin stood uncontested and his candidacy received overwhelming support from Member States.

In his acceptance speech, Ramdin thanked Member States for their confidence and support and pledged to rededicate himself fully to serve the hemisphere, its governments and its people. Ramdin stated that his vision for the next five years is guided by “an abiding faith in the concept of unity in diversity” and a desire to help strengthen the OAS. “The only way we can move forward is if we dedicate ourselves individually and collectively to cooperate in advancing a positive common agenda that will foster meaningful progress,” Ramdin said.

He further stressed that “it is time to broaden, strengthen and deepen the Organization’s network of partners, and work more closely with sub-regional groups, civil society and the private sector.”

He concluded by stating that “the OAS of the 21st century must be enhanced through modernization, with greater emphasis on multilateralism, creativity and bold decision-making” and advocated for an OAS that is “seen as a trusted space for consultation, negotiation and partnership, and one that remains a unique vehicle for solving differences, building consensus and working toward shared goals.”

During the Special Session, Suriname’s Foreign Affairs Minister, the Honorable Lygia Kraag-Keteldijk, thanked the OAS Member States for reelecting her government’s candidate, who was unanimously endorsed by the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in July 2009. She added that Ramdin’s reelection was a reaffirmation of the trust and confidence OAS Member States have placed in Ambassador Ramdin’s vision for the future, as well as recognition of his accomplishments over the last five years.

Representatives from various Member States took the floor to support and congratulate Ramdin on his reelection, and to commend his leadership, especially in promoting support and advocacy for Haiti and his commitment to development cooperation. In his congratulatory speech, the Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to the OAS, Virgilio Alcantara, said that “Ambassador Ramdin has an acute and detailed understanding of the political and administrative procedures of this Organization, a characteristic that makes him an efficient and effective leader. In him, we can identify a professional who not only has a long-term relationship with the OAS, but has also a demonstrated commitment to the Organization.”

Photographs of the event will be posted here.

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Reference: E-093/10