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OAS General Secretariat commences the electoral integrity analysis and audit of the official results in Bolivia

  October 31, 2019

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) has begun the Electoral Integrity Analysis and Audit of the official results of the presidential elections held in Bolivia on October 20. The team comprises some 30 international specialists and auditors, including: electoral lawyers, statisticians, computer experts, document authentication specialists, and experts in chain of custody and electoral organization.

As indicated in the agreement and shared by Gonzalo Koncke, Chief of Staff of the OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, in the Permanent Council on October 30, the team will focus on “the verification of the vote count, including tally sheets, ballots and votes; the verification of the process, including matters relating to computing; the statistical and projection component, as well as the chain of custody of the ballot boxes”. These points were conveyed in a telephone conversation with former President Carlos Mesa, who expressed his agreement with them.

Today, specialists will meet with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to request the documentation and access they will need to do their work. The Bolivian Government, by virtue of the agreement signed with the OAS, promised to provide the auditors with all of the necessary information.

Once all of the specialists are deployed, political parties, academia and civil society will be invited to submit any information and complaints they believe should be analyzed by the auditors.

The OAS Electoral Observation Mission continues to be on the ground and will observe the work of the team of specialists and auditors. It is currently estimated that the electoral integrity analysis and audit of the official results should be completed in 12 days. The specialists and auditors will prepare and submit a report to the OAS Secretary General. The audit report will be shared with the Bolivian Government and with the general public and its results, as agreed by both parties, will be binding.

Reference: E-091/19