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  April 21, 2003

A ceremony at the Organization of American States’ (OAS) on Tuesday, April 22—to launch a book on the Inter-American Democratic Charter—coincides with the 32nd anniversary of the Organization’s Administrative Tribunal.

On April 22, 1971, the OAS General Assembly in San José, Costa Rica, decided to establish the OAS Administrative Tribunal, the purpose of which is to hear disputes between the OAS General Secretariat and its staff over employment-related issues such as the Retirement and Pension Plan.

The Tribunal was formally installed on January 24, 1972, when Galo Plaza was Secretary General. At the installation, Plaza declared that “the success of the Tribunal should be measured not by the number of cases but by the outcome of its decisions to enhance the career service.”

Since it was installed, the Tribunal has issued 146 judgments.

The judges sitting on the OAS Administrative Tribunal this year are the President, Rosa Montalvo Cabrera of Peru; Lionel Alain Dupuis of Canada; Monton H. Sklar of the United States; Franz Alvaro Vega Noya of Bolivia; Agustín Gordillo of Argentina; and Nicholas J.O. Liverpool of Dominica. Reinaldo Rodriguez Gallad, an OAS staff member, is in charge of the Secretariat of the Administrative Tribunal.

Reference: E-088/03