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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Honduras Calls for Calm and will Continue in the Country

  November 28, 2017

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM/OAS) in Honduras urges the citizenry to remain calm while the country awaits the official results of the general elections held on Sunday.

In addition, it urges the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) to expedite the processing and dissemination of results and to provide citizens the information at their disposal as soon as possible. It is important that this stage be resolved with the utmost precision, celerity, transparency and legality in order to give certainty both to the citizenry and the political parties. The credibility of the electoral authorities and the legitimacy of the future president depend on this.

The Mission calls upon political parties to continue to oversee the process in a responsible manner and urges them to act with prudence until the dissemination of the complete results. Respect for the will of the voters is essential.

The Mission will continue its observation in Honduras and will issue a preliminary report shortly.

Reference: E-086/17