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  May 11, 2004

The Cultural Week of Costa Rica opened at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington on Monday evening, focusing on environmental preservation and promoting ecotourism. Launched alongside the week of activities was also a 25-piece exhibition featuring the works of Costa Rican painter Fabio Herrera. The exhibition ends May 16.

In inaugurating the week’s program, Ambassador Walter Niehaus, Costa Rica’s Permanent Representative to the OAS, stressed the urgent need for everyone to be involved in safeguarding ecosystems, given their fragility.

Monday evening’s program featured as well a piano recital entitled “Symbiosis: Piano and Rain Forest,” by Manuel Obregón, along with an audiovisual presentation featuring images and sounds from the Costa Rican rain forest.

The Costa Rican cultural extravaganza includes a flute and piano recital as well as an Evening of Ecotourism Celebration on May 15 to be hosted jointly by the International Ecotourism Society and Costa Rica’s Permanent Mission to the OAS.

Reference: E-083/04