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  April 10, 2003

Honduran President Ricardo Maduro inaugurated Honduras Week at the Organization of American States on Wednesday evening, underscoring his compatriots’ commitment to democracy as well as their determination to live in peace.

President Maduro told the guests he believes that “by showcasing part of our cultural heritage, you will understand why we have developed the way we have, as well as our aspirations.”

In welcoming the President and the other guests to OAS Headquarters, Secretary General César Gaviria lauded Maduro’s leadership in Central Américas as well as his commitment to fighting organized crime and corruption. He cited in particular the Honduran President’s efforts to stabilize the country’s economy and develop tourism.

The Honduran Embassy in Washington and the Permanent Mission to the OAS jointly sponsored an accompanying exhibition of Honduran paintings that underscore the deep insight of the country’s artists. Featured artists include Iván Fiallos, Marco Rietti, Luis Armando Frías, Dorian Abel Mejía, Benigno Gómez, Marluce Morales, Jorge Andrés Urteaga Puente, Liliam Haslam and Julio Vizquerra, most of them graduates of the National School of Fine Arts.

A selection of Lenca ceramics is being showcased alongside the paintings. The Lenca people, who occupied a large portion of Honduras at the time of the Conquest, today number some 100,000 members concentrated around the Departments of Lempira, Intibuca, Valle and Comayagua.

Reference: E-082/03