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  March 30, 2006

At the invitation of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the government of Nicaragua, a technical mission from Colombia visited Nicaragua this week to learn about the Central American country’s experiences in humanitarian mine activities. The mission includes authorities from the Colombian National Observatory of Antipersonnel Landmines and the National Armed Forces.

During its visit, the Colombian mission visited the municipality of Jalapa, in an area near the Honduran border that has a high rate of accidents caused by landmines and other explosive devices. The mission visited survivors of landmine accidents who have participated in a work placement program jointly implemented by the OAS Mine Action Program and the National Technological Institute, though Nicaragua’s National Demining Commission. The mission also met with the Minister of Defense and President of the National Demining Commission, Avil Ramírez, and the Inspector General of the National Army, Major General Ramón Calderón Vindell.

Nicaragua has received support from the international community in its demining activities, due in large part to Article Six of the Ottawa Convention, which states: “Each state party has the right to seek and receive assistance, where feasible, from other state parties.” In the context of this agreement, the government of Nicaragua cooperates with other countries, including Colombia, to implement demining activities in coordination with the OAS Mine Action Program.

Since 2003 the OAS has supported humanitarian mine action efforts in Colombia, where landmines and other explosive devices are responsible for two to three casualties per day.

Reference: E-079/06