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Change of Leadership for Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP-OAS)

  March 7, 2013

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today said that after four years in charge of the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP-OAS), Mr. Marcelo Alvarez has decided to leave the office as of April 15 of this year.

Mr. Alvarez expressed to the Secretary General his desire to start a new stage in his career and thanked the OAS leader for the trust he showed during the development of his mission in Colombia.

The Secretary General, in turn, thanked Mr. Alvarez for his contribution to the strengthening and consolidation of the peace process in Colombia, as well as his contributions to the positioning of the MAPP-OAS in the Andean country.

In the words of the Secretary General, "Mr. Alvarez has consolidated and strengthened the presence of the MAPP as an actor in the peace process in Colombia. Today the OAS recognizes his excellent work and wishes him the best of luck in the coming challenges that he will undertake."

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Reference: E-078/13