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OAS and Spain Sign Annual Operating Plan for Organization’s Spain Fund

  March 15, 2010

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Spanish Government today signed the Annual Operating Plan for the Organization’s Spain Fund, an amount of 4 million Euros (approximately 5.5 million dollars) to support projects and activities of the OAS General Secretariat in the areas of promoting democracy, integral development and the strengthening of institutional and human resources capabilities.

The Plan was signed in Washington, DC, by the Ambassador of Spain’s Permanent Observer Mission to the OAS, Javier Sancho Velázquez, and the OAS Secretary General’s Chief of Staff, Ricardo Domínguez. This is the fourth time in as many years that Spain and the OAS sign an Annual Operating Plan, introducing today as one of its key features a new initiative to evaluate the implementation of projects.

The Spain Fund is supported by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID, in Spanish) of Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and represents part of the 9 million Euros (approximately 13 million dollars) in Spain’s total annual contributions to the OAS. Programming for the Fund is carried out jointly by Spain and the OAS.

“This Fund does not exhaust our political relationship or our financial support to the OAS, but the most significant part is that it structures a strategic partnership. To have a well organized fund owned jointly by Spain and the OAS is the best depiction of our relationship, a very good reflection of what we do together,” said Ambassador Sancho, who called the introduction of the evaluation initiative a sign that the Spain Fund at the OAS “is absolutely up to date with respect to modern technologies of cooperation.”

The Chief of Staff of the OAS Secretary General for his part remarked that “to the OAS the Fund also was a landmark, because it allowed us to begin to think about the funds of donor countries in a different way. This fund proved that it was possible to work in an organized and centralized way on setting priorities without thereby generating unnecessary bureaucracies.” He added: “The fund allows us to organize priorities and keep a competitive spirit in our projects. In the name of the Secretary General I want to say that the Organization is very proud of its relationship with Spain, and we hope that in the future we can multiply this model with others.”

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Reference: E-071/10