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Statement of the OAS General Secretariat on Suriname

  June 20, 2020

The OAS General Secretariat welcomes yesterday’s official proclamation by the Independent Electoral Council of Suriname, which confirmed the allocation of seats in the country’s National Assembly. This is an important step in Suriname’s electoral process and opens the way for the installation of the Assembly’s newly elected members before the end of June, as well as the eventual election of the next President and Vice-President.

The OAS General Secretariat congratulates the Council, its Chair and its members for the timely completion of this phase of the process and looks forward to reviewing the Council’s official report on the May 25, 2020 elections. At the same time the OAS General Secretariat also looks forward to learning the decisions of Suriname’s authorities regarding the finalization and certification of election results for the Local and District Councils, which remain outstanding.

Once more, the OAS General Secretariat commends the Government of Suriname, the electoral authorities, political parties, citizens and all other stakeholders for their democratic commitment demonstrated throughout the electoral process. In this regard, It is very important to highlight, in particular, the diligence and perseverance of the electoral authorities and poll workers who remained at their posts throughout the tabulation period, even as the country confronted a resurgence of Covid-19 in the post-electoral phase.

The OAS General Secretariat salutes the winning coalition, wishing the best for the future endeavors. In the same direction, it is important to recognize President Bouterse’s commitment with the results, expecting a smooth transition and a path of stability for democracy in Suriname.

The OAS General Secretariat remains committed to strengthening democracy and democratic governance in the hemisphere, and looks forward to working with all stakeholders in Suriname towards this end.

Reference: E-067/20