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OAS Commission on Nicaragua Press Release

  September 15, 2019

The Commission of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Nicaragua, composed of representatives from Argentina, Canada, Jamaica, Paraguay and United States of America, expresses its discomfort at the Nicaraguan Government decision of not granting access to the country to its members and an OAS officer enforced by a communication from the migration agency issued today.

The Commission planned a trip to Nicaragua on 16-17 September in order to fullfil its mandate of carrying out diplomatic efforts at the highest level to seek a peaceful and effective solution to the political and social crisis in Nicaragua. The Commission was designated and its members appointed on 30 August and was asked to submit a report to the Permanent Council within a maximum of 75 days.

The Nicaraguan Government had been informed of the trip given the Commission’s intention to engage in a constructive way with its authorities as well as relevant civil society stakeholders in order to set up a dialogue process to reach such solution.

The Commission stresses its commitment to carrying out the tasks mandated by General Assembly in view of the weakening of democratic institutions and the worsening of human rights situation in Nicaragua and calls upon the Nicaraguan Government to review its position and grant it access to fullfil its mandate.

Reference: E-067/19