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  March 21, 2003

The introduction of electronic voting for Paraguay’s upcoming general elections, set for April 27, is a step forward in implementing a hemispheric mandate concerning cooperation and exchange of experience in the areas of legislation and technology.

According to the Organization of American States’ Unit for the Promotion of Democracy (UPD), well-run electoral processes in the countries of the Hemisphere are a top priority since they provide the most direct mechanism for individuals to participate and express their political views through the exercise of their political rights as citizens, in accordance with basic international human rights treaties.

The use of new technologies in elections is in keeping with the spirit of hemispheric cooperation to promote information and experience sharing among the region’s electoral institutions and experts.

Mexico City will host the upcoming World Conference of Elections Agencies, March 25 to 28, under the theme, "The Use of Electronic Voting and Current Horizontal Cooperation Mechanisms.”

Panama City just hosted an Inter-American Meeting of Elections Officials, from March 12 to 14, at which delegates from 20 countries welcomed electronic voting as an important, timely and effective development. They also took special note of the significant horizontal cooperation venture between Brazil and Paraguay that facilitated the transfer of this successful practice.

According to the UPD, it must be understood that not every technology used in organizing elections is an end in itself, but rather an enabling mechanism to develop and implement efficient and effective electoral processes.

Paraguay’s electoral process is legitimate, sovereign, and is the exclusive prerogative of Paraguayan nationals. The introduction of electronic balloting is a technological innovation to improve the voting process, in accordance with Paraguayan law and international standards of transparency, freedom and unrestricted exercise of the right to vote.

Reference: E-063/03