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  March 16, 2006

The government of France today donated $126,000 to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), to support the Commission’s efforts in Haiti.

“France very much appreciates the work and activities of the Commission and wants to become involved in a sustained way in its efforts to carry out a difficult task, that of promoting human rights in the Western Hemisphere,” said the Permanent Observer of France to the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Georges Vaugier.

During a brief ceremony at OAS headquarters, Ambassador Vaugier referred to positive results brought about by IACHR missions to Haiti and said his government intends to continue supporting this type of activity. “We would like to keep working together to obtain concrete results in the new phase that is beginning in the Caribbean island nation,” Vaugier said, adding that one particular need is to support the strengthening of Haiti’s judicial institutions.

In thanking the French people and government, Commission President Evelio Fernández Arévalos explained that the donation—the second such contribution France has made for this purpose—will allow the Commission to undertake visits and hold seminars and workshops to promote greater awareness among Haitians of the inter-American human rights system. The funds will also be used to publish a report on human rights in Haiti, as well as a special report on the situation of women and children in that country. The donation will also enable the Commission to contract a lawyer and select a French-speaking scholarship recipient to support these efforts.

For his part, the IACHR Rapporteur for Haiti, Commissioner Clare K. Roberts, underscored the ongoing commitment that France has demonstrated toward that country and reaffirmed that the human rights situation in Haiti will continue to be a high priority for the Commission. Roberts presented Vaugier with a copy of a Commission report, published today, entitled Haiti: Failed Justice or the Rule of Law? Challenges Ahead for Haiti and the International Community.

Reference: E-061/06